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Real Work.
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Our Clients Are The Best In The World.

We’re mothers. Sisters. Daughters. Wives. Girlfriends. Friends.

But most importantly, we’re individuals. We work to overcome our own unique challenges and struggles in order to reach our own unique goals.

At Rock Solid Renew, we’ll customize a plan to help you reach those unique goals.

“Her workouts kick my butt and push me out of my comfort zone, to push harder and reach my full potential. I cannot thank her enough!!“

Emily F.

“I love Monday night boot camps with her, even though I can barely move the next day!“

Lauren L.

“Tama’s energy and positive support is so reinforcing. She has a way about her that guides you towards your successes.”

Janet S.

“Now I feel like I can do whatever is asked of me; whether it’s a physical demand or especially a mental demand.”

Julie S.

“Tama has taken my total body transformation from post postpartum to hot momma. She has supported my journey through bootcamps and one on one exercise and strength sessions. She is an incredible coach and now friend.”

Kim L.